Web Design / Marketing for SurfTravelAdvisors

When my buddy Nick Mcloota had an idea for a Surf Travel business, I knew it was something I wanted to be a part of.  With just a simple idea, I began constructing a website, logo, and marketing plan for the business and started planning a strategy with Nick.  The business is still in its beginning stages, but as we move forward with advertisements, partnerships with other organizations, and more, I know there is so much left to come.  Check out the site up above.  

Marketing Internship with Off The Hook Yacht Sales

As an intern with Off The Hook, I was responsible for many segments of the marketing department.  I shot, edited, and posted video advertisements for any and all new yachts we acquired, posted on all social media accounts (including weekly blog posts), sought out new channels to advertise through, and continuously audited and improved the company website.  I also held a majority of the responsibility for project management, including organizing and executing advertisement of our company at local events.  It was an amazing and stimulating company to work for and taught me so much more about marketing than any classroom ever could.  

Graphic Design, Exhaustion Project

Designed for print, the above "cards" were created to each implicitly convey the feeling of "exhaustion."  The content of the cards had to be constructed from a mix of pieces, instead of simply using a pre-existing image to demonstrate the emotion.  Creation of the content in these were achieved by a combination of collage, distortion, cropping, coloration, and text in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.