Siren Calls by Maddie Pake

Hlot is one of my favorite subjects to shoot

Not just because of her flawless skin, always perfect brows, and alluring eyes, but because she is always down to try whatever to get the shot.  We started this Saturday morning off hungover, sitting in the marsh with vaseline and glitter trying to make it work and somehow it came out just how I wanted.  I shot half of the shoot on digital and half on film that I had never tried before (Ektar 100 Color Negative).  When I get the scans back, it was so much more blue and saturated than I am used to  (compared to my favorite, Portra) but I am so pleased with the results.  Let me know what ya think and check this girl out on social media @Hlot_ksor and her blog at @wilderandrove!